DakPets Announces Release of Professional Quality Pet Grooming Slicker Brush for No Mess and No Stress Pet Grooming

Popular pet care company DakPets have recently announced the release of the new DakPets Pet Grooming Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats on Amazon.com

Reputation means a great deal in any business space and pet supplies isn't an exception to the rule.

That makes it very big news when the well respected and popular DakPets, responsible for the leading pet deshedding tool, recently announced the release of their latest pet grooming product, the DakPets Dog Brush and Cat Brush. The professional quality, all purpose Slicker Brush has been designed to be simple to use, easy to clean and is set at a very attractive price point compared to other cat and dog groomers.

"It is our pleasure to make this product available to dog and cat owners around the world who love their pets and want them to look great," remarked the company spokesperson, Rob Scrivens. "With the new DakPets dog brush and cat brush now available on Amazon, pet owners can easily and quickly groom their pets with an effective yet gentle product that doesn't cause irritation to the animal."

Adding to this statemnet Mr Scrivens also said "To celebrate the launch we are offering a limited time sale of an additional 30% off, totalling a massive 82% discount which customers can obtain by clicking here and entering this coupon code O7RKWY2Y "

The new DakPets Dog Brush and Cat Brush is very effective at helping remove loose fur from a dog or cat's undercoat, sometimes a problem with less well designed cat and dog grooming products. Of course, the dog brush works well anywhere else on the animal and can save a huge amount of stress when it comes to removing mats and tangles. The handle of the brush has a special ergonomic non-slip design to make the brush simple to use for nearly anyone and its self cleaning function, which allows the brush to be easily cleaned with the push of a button, is sure to save time when compared to a dog groomer or cat groomer without the feature.

According to DakPets, the new DakPets Dog grooming brush and cat grooming brush can be used with dogs and cats of any size from the small to the extremely large. Many households happily use the brush on both their large dog and their small cat, with the only problem being who to brush first since both animals love to be groomed with the brush so much.

DakPets continue to be on the cutting edge of professional quality, affordable pet care supplies backed by a highly motivated customer support team. As always, the company is happy to offer a very enthusiastic warranty on the DakPets Dog Brush and Cat Brush - if a customer isn't pleased for any reason simply return for a full refund.

Source URL: http://prweb.com/releases/2016/08/prweb13614930.htm